7 Reasons Why Life’s A Beach

At Hong Island beach
Soaking in the sunshine at Hong Island Beach, Thailand

1. Surfing, snorkeling, playing beach volleyball all day — some things are worth the sunburn. The pain of being sun-scorched will eventually go away, but as for regret — that often stings for a lifetime.

The first of many days of lazing around on the beach. We love the Greek Isles!
Ditch the sunbed and wade in the waters of Mykonos, Greece

2. So you’re loaded. And really smart. And gorgeous to boot. But can you leave the shore and swim? The world belongs to the brave.

Who cares if it's winter? Beach mode on, baby!
The wide blue and green of Gold Coast, Australia

3. To fully enjoy yourself, sometimes you just have to let go. Acknowledge that you have no power over the waves, that you will never be the Alpha of the marine kingdom. In the beach, being in control is never the point. Learning to be happy with whatever nature hurls your way, is.

The gentle giants of Donsol, Philippines

4. A lot of lives are so different from yours. You have feet, fish have fins. Filling your tummy hardly means having to hunt for food; for the marine life, it’s a different ball game. Face the fact that whales are simply better at holding their breath than you. Appreciate these tiny nuances.

What a find at Honeymoon Bay
Definitely glad to be at Honeymoon Bay, Tasmania

5. Too often, we spend too much time worrying how people will react when they see you in a bikini. As you grow older, you realize no one’s really looking — the few that do rarely even matter anyway. Feel good in your own skin? Good for you! Carry on.

Literally hanging by a limb at Putipot Island, Philippines
Literally hanging by a limb at Putipot Island, Philippines

6. Rain can only ruin your beach day as much as you let it. With the right mindset and company, you can still come up with your own sunshine.

The cute residents of Boulders Beach, Cape Town
The cute residents of Boulders Beach, Cape Town

7. Wherever you go, there’s always something you’ve never seen or realized before. Never lose that sense of wonder.

Random sandbar near Bandos in the Maldives
Be it a random sandbar in the Maldives, or your own favorite stretch of sand in your home country, it’s time to get your feet wet!

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