The 30 Gifts You Receive When You Turn 30

1.) Patience.

2.) A better judgment of character.

3.) Ordering things off the menu that you actually like, and not just the items that belong to a value set.

Candied fruits

4.) Legit ‘back-in-the-day’ stories.

5.) The right to sleep early.
Snoozing and recharging — RESPECT.

6.) Confidence.

7.) The ability to hush little kids with a single stare.

8.) Wit.
You know those snappy comebacks that just come to you 10 minutes too late? Well, you have enough of them in your arsenal now.

9.) Mastery of your body clock.

10.) The conviction to say no.

11.) Me-time.
Say ‘me-time’ as a kiddo, and that would be preposterous. Say ‘me-time’ as an adult, and everyone will leave you alone.

Freedom at Perissa Beach

12.) Growing immunity to fads.

13.) A wardrobe with clothes that are actually more you and less of the trends.

14.) Better taste in men and/or women.

15.) Freedom to choose where you want to be.
You don’t really need to drag yourself off to a party if you’re not feeling like it. You don’t have to settle in a town/city/job, either, if you would be able to fend for yourself.

16.) A better appreciation for health.

Welcome to Xinbeitou

17.) The gracefulness to eat/travel/paint-the-town-red solo.

18.) Civilized disagreements.

19.) Guilty pleasures.
A stash of chocolates at your desk drawer, fancy lingerie that no one knows about, blogs that would be embarrasing but are oh-so-irresistable — whatever they are, you know yourself well enough to know the simplest things that instantly make you happy.

20.) A passion that gives you street cred.
By now, your friends know that you’re the go-to person when they need advice on photography, baking, fixing cars, or whatever skill you’ve chosen to hone for the past few decades.

21.) Knowing your pet peeves, and how to keep them in line.

22.) A wealth of inspirational quotes.

Utter Bliss in Batad

23.) A better sense of where you spend your time.

24.) A much-improved bullshit detector.

25.) An over-all appreciation for how previous failures have made you a stronger, fiercer person.

26.) Knowing that there truly are things that money can’t buy.

27.) A stronger backbone.

Love is all we need.

28.) Time-tested relationships.

29.) The realization that not everyone has their life figured out at 30.

30.) Your whole life ahead of you.

Freedom in Coron

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