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Oh My, Girona!

Me: So let’s take that bus to Girona, then hop on to the connecting bus to Andorra for an overnight —
Fate: Nope, stay put! No effing way you’re going to miss Girona. 

The view from a medieval jogging path. Also used by sentries, I believe.

And, yet again, I am very grateful for this time when Fate intervened, or else I wouldn’t be able to share this amazing tip with you: if you’re planning to visit Barcelona, it is imperative that you squeeze in a day or two to stay in Girona. Just forty minutes away from Barcelona by train, Girona is a delightful labyrinth of cobblestone paths and medieval walls. Exploring the Old Town by foot is the way to go. There is no marked route, except the one where your curiosity takes you.

If you’re a Game of Thrones fan, then this should be familiar. Who knows, maybe Sir Jaime might just come along again with his white horse up the steps? To be honest, I’d be just grateful if they can say they were just kidding and bring back Margaery. :p

What we found that is that a random left may take you to a commanding cathedral, or maybe to a small pocket dotted with cozy cafes. A right turn might lead you up for a stroll on the fortress walls, or maybe to a random garden offering benches so you may finally rest your feet.

Parkour enthusiasts are sure to have a ball in this town.


We practically spent money on nothing except food and drinks, as simply walking around the Old Town was enough to keep one’s eyes, mind and heart entertained.

Some of the most inspired (and competitive) lovelocks I’ve ever seen.
It’s not always about the past — here you can see that the city’s future seems to be on the right track.


And oh, the glorious food! I have no pictures that will do justice to the culinary surprises that Girona hold in its heart, all because I was too busy stuffing my face. If you’re a fan of seafood, Girona will reward you well for your visit. The picture above was taken from Txalaca, a restaurant tucked away in a street behind our hotel. What I found there was a restaurant that does not have meteoric prices, only honest and delectable dishes served with love. Not in picture: a generous plate of mussels that I wolfed down, with a sauce that almost made me weep.

As they always say: when one door closes…

Sometimes, even the best laid plans fall through and stumble… into something you glad you didn’t miss.

The Rundown:

  • Bus ride from Avignon to Girona – ~20 euros
  • 1-night stay at Hotel Gran Ultonia – 72 euros
  • A meal for two at Txalaca – ~25 euros
  • Train ride from Girona to Barcelona – ~16 euros

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