20 Alternative Ways to Travel In The Time of Coronavirus

Three years ago, I wrote 25 Travel Goals to Set For the Year (for Those Who Can’t Wander Very Far), back when I just quit my job to move to Germany, and had to think of ways to satisfy my wanderlust without breaking the bank. I thought I’d update that list to keep up with what every travel-addicted kindred spirit is probably struggling with right now: how to feed that same wanderlust, when you’re not exactly allowed to travel as far as you’re used to.

Some of the items from the old list are still applicable; some had to be hatched in light of these interesting times:

  1. At least once a week, try a foreign cuisine that you’ve never tried before. It doesn’t matter if you cook it yourself or have it delivered — just go for it!
  2. Send out 12 postcards or handwritten letters from your hometown.
  3. Better yet, turn your favorite travel shots into postcards and send them to your travel buddies to reminisce about your trips.
  4. Discover new museums via a virtual tour.
  5. Or take virtual tours of famous sights you have yet to visit.
  6. Watch a foreign film, or binge on a foreign series.
  7. Watch the sunrise or sunset from different viewpoints.
  8. Learn a foreign language (or better yet, get certified for it).
  9. Read a kick-ass travel memoir or anything travel-related (Vagabonding by Rolf Potts is still my all-time favorite book about travel).
  10. Read a book written by a foreign author, set in a country to where you’ve never been.
  11. Decorate your house inspired by your favorite or dream destination. Try to check out top Airbnb’s for home inspo.
  12. Share the priceless insider tips you’ve been accumulating from your travels by posting reviews of your favorite restos and spots in forums.
  13. Sharpen your photography and/or video-making skills in preparation for your next big trip.
  14. If you’re allowed to go out for exercise, try a new walking/jogging route. I’ve discovered a new favorite beer garden in my hometown just by taking random left and rights during my daily walk.
  15. Think of your favorite dishes from your travels, and recreate them at home.
  16. Look for movies that were shot in your hometown, and see your city in a new light.
  17. Write your own travel memoir or start a blog.
  18. Make friends with the locals in advance, by joining an online forum to ask and prepare for your eventual trip to your next destination.
  19. Take virtual walking tours of cities new to you.
  20. Plan your next big trip A YEAR FROM NOW — preferably choose a destination where you would actually need a year to prepare (Elaborate biking trip? Wild safari? Diving expedition? You have a whole year to decide).

Do you have more ideas? Let me know in the comments!

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