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Wackenwald: The “WOBBLING” Forest

I was today years old when I found out that in Germany, there’s a forest where the ground is so soft, that the trees shake when you jump. Talk about wacky!

When my in-laws told me about a forest with “natural trampolines”, I just thought that they meant that the ground was just mushy. I foolishly just brushed it off, until on an extremely sunny weekend, we checked it out on a whim. It was so cool in real life! See the video below:

I guarantee you: there is no way you can go through the forest without jumping gleefully like a kid. You can stomp and jump all you want, huffing “Fee-fi-fo-fum” with your best booming voice, and the trees shake with each step. We were giggling like toddlers; it was simply irresistible.

The Wackenwald is actually a forest that sits on top of a moor, which accounts for the “fluid-like” ground phenomenon. The roots of the forest hold the ground bound strongly together, thus it is safe for visitors to tread along the path and jump to their hearts’ content. The trail was even baby stroller friendly! It is still on a moor though, so it’s best if you keep to the main trail and keep out of the areas cordoned off from the public.

Helpful signs around the trail help explain the “wobbling forest” phenomenon more. Photo credit to Jost Einstein und Philipp Rottach, posted in

One can freely explore the Wackenwald; there is no admission fee. It’s fairly small (around 600 meters), so you can walk through the entire path in 30 minutes, if you were really in a hurry. However, if you want to take it slow, there’s several resting spots with benches, where visitors can take a pause and enjoy the view of the Federsee natural reserve.

Oh, did I mention that it was beside a natural reserve? There are lots more to explore in Federsee and Bad Buchau than just a quick look-see of the Wackelwald. There’s the Federseesteg, where you can take a tranquil walk around the lake and take in the lush nature and wildlife. You can also stroll in the Kurpark in town, or cool off at the family-friendly open-air swimming pool at at the Adelindis Thermal Spa.

I haven’t had a new experience like Wackenwald in ages. This spot is a hidden gem without the tourist hype that could easily be overlooked (like we almost did!). Definitely a must-see! All in all, a worthy day trip where there’s fun for all ages.

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