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Adventures in Mandarin: The Vid

There’s hardly anything sweeter in life, than finding more than a few kindred loonies to enjoy it with. This first trip to mainland China is definitely one for the books; if you want in on all our equally-loony adventures, check out my posts over here. For now, play the vid and get ready to say, “Ni Hao!”.

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When Great Means Epic

First, let me get this off my chest — we sold out! We rode the cable car to get up the wall, instead of that dramatic hike that we originally planned. But just because passed on the chance to go ala-Dora doesn’t mean that it was any less of an adventure.

Follow the Yellow(ish-red) Brick Road!

The Road to Jinshanling

I lost track of when the day ended and when another began. I nodded off to sleep at 2 am, only to wake up at 5:30 to make sure that Jan and Alex made it all the way from the airport to our meeting point safely. Fates be praised, they did and after a few bouts of groggy discussion, we agreed to slightly change our plans. In place of far-off Jinshanling, we were heading to the Mutianyu area of the Great Wall instead, given that we had less time than we thought. Adjustments were made, and after a while we were boarding long-distance Bus 980 at the Dongzhimen terminal. Continue reading “When Great Means Epic”