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The Terracotta Warriors: A Battle Royale

Peaceniks, flares, and boogie ruled the 70’s, but for the men in idyllic Xian, it was just another quiet day. It was the type of day when you joshed with your buddies in the farm, trying to overlook the arduous task of digging up a communal well. It was all good old fun — well, until someone discovered a head. Continue reading “The Terracotta Warriors: A Battle Royale”

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What do you do when you get a white elephant?

Paint it!

The last thing I expected from my jog was an elephant stampede, but then again, it’s the weekend, so I guess anything goes. The adorable bedecked sculptures were spotted frolicking the Botanic Gardens for the Singapore leg of the Elephant Parade Project. Continue reading “What do you do when you get a white elephant?”