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kaladkarin hits hk+macau with ke

(this shall henceforth be known as the trip wherein ke and i survived with our cellphone cams. bow.)

passport? check. usd? check. camera? check. memory card?… uh-oh. houston, we have a problem.

after giving ourselves a serious smack in the head, we pushed on with our sightseeing of eventful HK and pretty macau, armed only with our nokia cams. i think we’ve identified 1001 sights spread across the wax museum, disneyland and macau that would have been kick-ass, only if we’ve caught it with nothing less than a point-and-shoot. i’d like to think that the pictures were crappy this time… because we’re definitely coming back! 🙂 (ke, one thing though — do we have a picture with crisel?! eep!)

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Kaladkarin Gets High in Macau

1 Nov 2009, with KE

This trip’s moral lesson: Some things are just plain crazy. That’s why they’re fun and worth doing.

Finally ticked this off from my bucket list. Something tells me this is just the first of many jumps. =P

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Kaladkarin hangs loose in SG

Sporty is definitely the word to describe weekend #2 at Singapore. After spending the whole Sat afternoon playing badminton at Woodlands, we whisked ourselves to the Dairy Farm Quarry at Bukit Timah on Sunday to join a fundraising by the Bundokeros.

It was nice to get reoriented with the life on the trail, even for just a swift glimpse of who I used to be. Hopefully, that person is not forever lost. Maybe this is the part where I rediscover her.

Pics from the rappel: