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Queenstown is for the Brave

This is my tribute to a week-long spell of signing my life away in indemnity forms. Breathtaking, heart-stirring, hair-raising, all at the same time — this trip was definitely epic.

Song: Bad Girlfriend by Theory of a Deadman
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Meeting Ben Lomond

Jump-off for the Ben Lomond Trail
Jump-off for the Ben Lomond Trail

I haven’t actually started on the proper track yet, and I’m already lost. I backtracked to the last sign I chanced upon for the Ben Lomond trail, and saw the shaded path that I’ve missed. The thick canopy of bare-leafed pines looked ominous, as if I were Little Red Riding Hood who should have known better than to wander alone.

Out of the blue, the trail suddenly opened up to a great vastness of sky, sunshine and meadows. The green horizon met the wild blue yonder of the heavens for almost the whole trail. On every spot you stood upon, you can freely admire the range of the Remarkables, glimpse upon the near green and yellow rows of trees, smile at the intense blue-green of Lake Wakatipu.
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Bali, Bungee and Bugsy

11 April 2011
Double Six, Legian, Bali

Better Über late than never. We’ve been friends for more than a decade, yet here we were at only our first trip overseas. Bugsy* invaded Bali last April for some much needed eat-pray-loving. Here’s a clip of us trying out the bungee jumps at AJ Hackett in Legian/Seminyak. It was Jam and Dana’s first tryst with flight; we enjoyed it so much we went for 2 jumps each (I actually went for 3… they would let you bungee jump riding a bike. How could I resist?). Although the jumps were not as high as the ones from AJ Hackett in Macau, Bali’s definitely the place if you want to jump in style — they have costumes, motorcycles, even fireballs! Sadly, I just found out that AJ Hackett closed shop in Bali; hopefully they put up a new spot.

* The name with which my high school friends and I christened our group. Don’t ask why; it’s a loooong story.