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Bali, Bungee and Bugsy

11 April 2011
Double Six, Legian, Bali

Better Über late than never. We’ve been friends for more than a decade, yet here we were at only our first trip overseas. Bugsy* invaded Bali last April for some much needed eat-pray-loving. Here’s a clip of us trying out the bungee jumps at AJ Hackett in Legian/Seminyak. It was Jam and Dana’s first tryst with flight; we enjoyed it so much we went for 2 jumps each (I actually went for 3… they would let you bungee jump riding a bike. How could I resist?). Although the jumps were not as high as the ones from AJ Hackett in Macau, Bali’s definitely the place if you want to jump in style — they have costumes, motorcycles, even fireballs! Sadly, I just found out that AJ Hackett closed shop in Bali; hopefully they put up a new spot.

* The name with which my high school friends and I christened our group. Don’t ask why; it’s a loooong story.

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