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Queenstown is for the Brave

This is my tribute to a week-long spell of signing my life away in indemnity forms. Breathtaking, heart-stirring, hair-raising, all at the same time — this trip was definitely epic.

Song: Bad Girlfriend by Theory of a Deadman

Day 1

Day 2

  • Got a whopper of a day with the Shotover Jet Trio – ride on a jetboat, jump in for a helicopter ride, then finish off with a rafting trip down the Shotover River (NZD 395)

Day 3

  • Woke up bright and early for a day trip to Milford Sound (NZD 70)
  • Went back home to find a fire engine right outside our hostel — turns out the BBQ party was too hot to handle, it set off the smoke alarms :p Turns out this happens a lot in QT; I met another backpacker who said firemen also had to show up in their hostel. Busy town, this one.
It's not a BBQ party until the firemen show up.
It’s not a BBQ party until the firemen show up.

Day 4

  • Faced my fears and went skydiving with Nzone. Did someone say EPIC FREEFALL? (NZD 439 for a jump from 15k feet)
  • Went home hungry enough for a whole Bambi Fergburger.

Day 5

  • River-surfed at the Kawarau with Serious Fun River Surfing — an experience you should not miss, if you want to be thrilled, wowed and be terrified by nature at the same time. (NZD 195)

Day 6

Day 7

Day 8

  • Today is a much-deserved chill day. Had an IT Crowd marathon with newfound friends at the hostel.
  • It was time for another Fergburger.

Day 9

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