Check out Kaba Modern

If you know me well, you know I’m close to my niece who’s in high school. The cool thing about that is that she always has someone to nag her about her studies, and I always have someone to remind me that I still have a lot to learn (okay, sige, baka nga lugi siya dun…).

For this weekend, Ikay “nagged” me to check out America’s Best Dance Crew in youtube. It’s sort of the American Idol for street dance. You have to check out this one college group, Kaba Modern. Their choreography is slamming; I particularly like the way they end their routines. Again, it sent me to this spell of regret on why I didn’t pick up on sports & dancing earlier, but hey, that’s the beauty of today, right? Good thing Ikay’s around. =)


House MD

lessons gained from marathoning two seasons of House:

– duty is a lousy excuse. don’t do anything that doesn’t excite you.
– never apologize for weirdness.
– sometimes, people need crap to happen.

for some reason, images of several people come to mind . i’ve never really understood them before; maybe they have a point.