back in high school, we had this Trig professor, Sir Melo. He wasn’t really your dreamy wow-pare-dapat-nag-artista-ka-na-lang guy. He didn’t even try extra hard to make your heart skip a beat. He was just this laid-back, witty, yeah-my-day-sucks-too-pero-kebs-lang kind of guy. i remember how our class made him lose his cool one day (which wasn’t often) when we hid his chalk. now, i think he married one of our English teachers. he was perfectly normal. perfectly flawed. perfectly cool. perfect.

i don’t even know why i thought of him today, but i want my own sir melo. no, not sir melo himself. nah, i want my own one.

7 thoughts on “flashback

  1. oh wow haha i haven’t thought about sir melo in quite a while too! and to think na noong high school tayo, talagang lagi ko siyang kinukulit. =Poh, and it was my fault that he lost his cool one time, ako yung nagtago ng chalk niya, hee. =P


  2. oo nga tons! “wala pang dot si…” come to think of it, i think i didnt get enough dots. haha, wala lang. pero astig nga si sir melo. astig talaga shang guro. 🙂


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