what’s the rush?

you ubiquitous starbucks cup, you. it seems everyone’s scrambling for a frap today, just to get that 2007 planner.

it just dawned on me — somehow, somewhere along the way, i stopped ‘planning’ my life. i used to keep this papemelroti calendar everyday, along with a bunch of post-it reminders. heck, i used to wear a watch. i’ve never really been a long-term planner, though. the farthest i go, i guess, is freeing the next weekends for birthdays & night-outs.

i guess i stopped when i realized that sometimes, not planning can ironically be more eventful. messier, but more eventful. more mistakes, but more life lessons as well.

here’s to not knowing what tomorrow brings.

3 thoughts on “what’s the rush?

  1. haha, actually bumili ako, indi ko nagamit. mwehehe. i’m looking for more ‘today’s advice’ posters, though; i miss having one. haha.


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