that prince

hmm, i think i deserve a good whack on the head, right about now. ikay made us watch this new koreanovela dvd called ‘Princess Hours’. i’d rather watch a rene requestas film.

but lo and behold, by nightfall, my sister and i were marathoning up to episode 8. never mind the bad (and i mean really BAD) subtitles; i had to summon all my context clues skills. but man, we were hooked. especially me. whenever the prince’s cousin comes out, i literally SHRIEK. can’t help it. eeek. me, shriek at an intsikin guy? this is so not me.



you were probably one of the nicest things God could have ever sent my way. if you weren’t standing there, actually breathing & talking, i’d probably dismiss you as a mirage, a myth.

you’re one of my biggest regrets too. i have to say, you’re the biggest. knowing you exist could not let me forget this gaping loss. i feel hollow. cowardly. stupid.

the memory’s vivid, the one when you told me how you knew she was the one. man, that hit me the hardest.


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