questions, questions

how could you turn something like this (look above left) into this (look above right)?!? *sigh* don’t worry, rodrigo, we still love you. haha.


nahihirapan ka bang mag-ipon kamo?

try this crazy gizmo – it’s an alarm clock that won’t stop beeping unless you put a few coins in. mwehehe. balang araw magkakaron ka na rin ng limpak-limpak na piso.


ever visited by a ghost of the past?

an officemate who had a sister who was a paulinian found the ad astra booklet we published for pauliworld a while back. yes, the ancient gs/hs campus paper days. yikes. at kamusta naman, the first page he flipped to had my poem. YUKK. paki-tapon. alalahanin immature at angsty pa ko nun. mwehehe. i could just imagine it with all its rhyming lines na pilit. yuck talaga. haha.

well, once college stepped in, the writing stopped to flow for some reason. whether it was the lack of academic requirements, change of environment, or maybe even bitterness over a certain poet (haha), i’ll never get to figure it out. i didn’t even join the college paper. the only time i really wrote was for a creative writing course, and my poems got the lowest scores among everything i’ve written for that class. haha. but at least i got the muse going again, even for just a brief nano-moment. if you want to know how truly sappy i am (or if you’re looking for several minutes of masakit-sa-tiyan tawa), check out the said CW poems below:

alone can hear
whimpers of the true self
Unmask the sheep in wolf’s clothing

MRT Cabin
One hand grips
a flimsy loop.
Other’s on womb.
long dead.

Thee Who Polishes My Shoes
Wise child of the road
Look at you, too strong to cry
You’re worth more than I

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