in memory of the unblogged

[ Sat, April 28 ]

had my braces adjusted for the 1st time today. eeep.

since I was in the area, i dropped by the sunken garden in UP today for some long-overdue mot-mot (a.k.a. ’emote-emote’) time. time to embrace the loner in me. curling up my mp3 player and a tub of ice cream, i soaked in the chaos and serenity that was UP. soccer to the left, kites to the right, frisbees all over the place — it was THE soothing alternative to tv. i should do this more often.


[ Sun, April 29 ]

got to (finally) watch Mines’ recital (dapat lang, gra-graduate na si mines!). mines, di ko alam kung bakit pa ako nagugulat, pero you were phenomenal! you’re one of the rare gems that deserve all the gifts God has given you. 🙂


it’s the commuter’s curse: the (sometimes unwanted) gift of time to zone out and reflect.

what’s worse, poring over a question that you know will never get resolved, or not even having the capacity to ponder at all?


i don’t know how i magically converted to a certified homebody. some days, it’s really an effort to drag myself out of the house in hope of creating some semblance of a life. dang.

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