surprisingly, sometimes, things do look up

the past few weeks have drained so much even beyond my usual tolerance of stress, that i’ve finally imposed an albeit escapist non-work thing on myself tonight. both Neil Gaiman fans, rhea and i caught Stardust at the cinema. LOVED IT. i loved it so much that i didn’t mind seeing claire danes almost for the entire movie. i was so ready with my criticisms that i was caught off guard. it was just what i needed, thank God. (thanks also to one of my best destressing buddies, rhea. we have so much to catch up on pa! haha.)

i keep on telling myself that the hullabaloo will all be over once October passes, but i know that it’s a longshot. but now, oh well, on a time when i can hardly catch my breath, i’m taking a breather, lounging out on the lazy boy (a VERY rare luxury), flipping through the channels. sometimes, it defies logic, but you find that it’s just all good.

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