Most times, I take it for granted, but I just realized that I really am surrounded by AMAZING people.

For example, to my sister Ate Ting — you’re amazing. You have the biggest vault of patience out of everyone I’ve ever known, and you’re not stingy with it. You never asked to look after a little sister like me, and I know for a fact that I can be quite a handful. You know when to just be agreeable, and even more, you know when to give me a good smack in the head. You turned not only me, but also Ikay, into Photoshop nuts (and I haven’t even gone around to teaching you the guitar or HTML yet, after all these years. You’re simply amazing.

To my teammates, Mike & Jan — you’re amazing. As I’ve already told Jan, you two are among — if not the biggest — the factors why I probably am still sticking around. I never really saw myself in something so corporate, but you guys make it seem homey — no, actually, it’s more like a playground. You guys are amazing.

To my partners in goofiness and all other crimes, Rhea & Liz — you’re amazing. There’s never been a time when you guys failed to crack me up. Yet, even when I’m in the lowest of lows, you guys are also the same ones I turn to. I consider myself soooo lucky to find buddies with the same wavelength. You’re amazing.

To Bugsy — need I say it? You’re amazing. We all are so into our own things, yet we never let each other forget that we still have kindred spirits out there, egging us on. We have something time nor distance can’t break. You’re amazing.

To my parents, you’re amazing. Putting up with a know-it-all brat like me is a feat. You accept with without question — even in my ugliest moods, even if I shut you out, even after I lose my phone for the nth time. You’re amazing.

And what’s better is I know there are lots more amazing people not yet mentioned in this post. Hay. I should have posts like these more often.

2 thoughts on “astounding.

  1. yaiks, im smart? as in amazing!? hahaseriously ish, you have been my frequent prozac in SWAT. imagine a batang henyo na baliw kumakanta, sumasayaw, umiinom, nagsusulat..tsk tsk amazingish.


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