groove@hp pictorial

it was a saturday well spent — spent being the operative word.

dancing was something i discovered i liked late during the college years. fortunately, post-college, i still had the chance to join a dance interest group at work, and it was certainly a whole new experience. last saturday, groove@hp and shutters@hp (the HP photography interest group) hooked up for a pictorial. whee!

i’ll never heckle anyone in ANTM again; what they were asked to do was hard, man! i’ve officially confirmed that i have no talent at posing. nyahaha. having to dance while trying hopelessly to look decent for the camera was hard enough; add to that the people from the full-court bball game nearby who were racking their brains, wondering what the heck we were doing.

but don’t get me wrong, i definitely loved that i got to be part of this. it’s definitely another item checked off from my life’s to-do list (well, one thing was to be in a formal pictorial. the other unexpected item was to be in a ‘wet-and-wild’ pictorial. haha.) it was an outing + mid-day alchemy + hazing for the Chiara the newbie = total bonding experience for groove@hp (and shutters too! thanks paul, allan and gabby for the awesome pics!)

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