condo window shopping

back then, i never really approved of my mom’s job. especially when real estate was in the slumps, i’ve always thought that her job cost her more than it gave — between the cost of gas to tour prospective buyers who only bought like 1% of the time, and her constant urge to feed every broker under her. thank God that the real estate industry is picking up now, and at a good time too, since my mom really gets to earn for herself since my sisters and i have already graduated.

today, my mom and i went condo-window shopping. i finally thought it was time that i curb my laboy-like-hell lifestyle and think of putting that hard-earned money into something more beneficial. we cruised around and scrutinized model units, floor plans, and cost projections. looking for your future home can really put your priorities into perspective — you’ll realize what you’re looking for, what you want and what you can’t live without. a lot of what i saw were really nice, but i’ve narrowed down my choices to a high-rise condo or a mid-rise unit, both in taguig. i must say, the DMCI projects are really spacious and homey, considering that they’re in the middle-class price range. condo-window shopping can be an icebreaker for today’s yuppie; i’d recommend giving it a try. =)

afterwards, my mom and i even put our heads together to think of my game plan on how to pay for all of it. yes, this kaladkarin will have to trade in her flip-flops for some good old office shoes and face real world words like interests, monthly balance payments, mortgages and fees. eeek. oh well, even if when the time comes, i have to bear with blank walls, blank floors, and a whole lot of stress, i know it’ll all be worth it. =)

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