Blog For One

Somehow, this was just how things just came to be. Table for one. Cinema ticket for one. Weekend for one. It’s amazing how much you can get used to after a while.

You imagine how it must feel. Sweat drops falling on the ridge of your face from the nervousness of someone recognizing you and exposing the loner that you are. Some random stranger making a face at you like, ‘What the hell is wrong with you?’. But you know what? I’m 24 and it’s about time I grew out of the HS-posse-mentality. It’s just like another fear I had to conquer.

And once you’ve done it — eating out by yourself, saying ‘just one please’ to that movie ticket lady — it’s actually liberating.

It’s actually comforting to know that if you meet someone, it was not because you just needed company, or in short, just practically anyone. It was because you needed Him (and for me it takes a lot of guts to admit I need someone).

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