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Kaladkarin Invades Cebu Once Again!

Proof that if things don’t go as planned, then your plan was wrong. =P We originally wanted to idle away in Boracay for January, but after some discussions, hotel-scouting, and some shifts in the constellations, plans changed and we opted to meet up with Mike in Cebu instead.

And thank God we did. It was already my 3rd time in Cebu in less than 3 years, yet I still got to experience a lot of new things. Sky Adventure, Plantation Bay, table tennis marathons, badminton matches, Sutukil+Pod5 Videoke, Cawasan Falls, Moalboal Beach, clubbing, and of course, our lamon-til-you-drop binging sessions — yep, all those in 5 days. And for a change, we only checked out the mall during our last day! Ralph already did a great job documenting every step we took during those 5 days; check out his photos. One thing’s for sure — it wouldn’t have been as fun if the Sepulvedas did not take us under their wing and put up with our merry band of pasaway bakasyonistas. Daghang salamat! (Mike, uwi ka na ulit! =P)

At Plantation Bay. Hala bira!
Paradise tucked away.
A Sepulveda siblings moment --- awww...
This is where the party's at!

More photos over at Ralph and Philip’s multiply sites, and of course, mine as well:

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