Snapshots Unearthed!

G10, I bet you don’t remember this, do you?

I was cleaning up my Flickr account, when I found old pics that were dumped here by Yahoo! Albums before they shut down. I remember my first camera, a bulky Sony point-and-shoot that I loved to death. It was the first pricey thing I ever bought myself, the fruit of my paycheck from my student assistant stint. Well worth it, I should say, as I don’t seem to have a lot of pictures from my earlier years in UP (this was the pre-Camwhoring-with-my-camera-phone days, after all). The only downside I found was that since I owned the cam, I wasn’t in a lot of shots (boo!).

So to everyone who were part of my freshie/sophie/feeling-photographer memories, thanks ever so much, and click the image above to enjoy more pics!

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