Game of Thrones: A Love-Hate Relationship

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[ If you belong to the church of spoilers-must die, then please don’t continue. ]

No ifs and buts about it — this book is evil incarnate. Irrefutably 100% grade evil.

I hate how everyday, all I want to do is rush home and open its pages, dying to know what happened to Jon Snow, Daenerys, Bran, Arya, as they struggle to know the truth about what is right and wrong, and the vast gray area in between.

I hate how emotionally invested I am in this book and its characters. How with my whole heart I wanted to wring Sansa’s neck. How I found myself physically covering my eyes when Bran fell. How I loathe Tyrion but couldn’t wait to find out what he would do next. How it made me wonder how to get my own direwolf.

I hate how I get lost in this world concocted by George R. R. Martin’s mind. How he has me hanging on every word as he dishes out the minute details of how cold, sunny, rancorous, melancholy, scary, festive, and all in all frantic the Seven Kingdoms are.

I hate how it made it me restless until I finally bought the second book. And then saw that there were five books all in all. It’s going to be a long journey. I’m not in lack of good company, though.

And for all these reasons, I am positively in love with this book. If you want to throw yourself to be the slave of yet another dysfunctional relationship like mine, then I recommend you grab the book as well. It’s worth the pain, I promise.

4 thoughts on “Game of Thrones: A Love-Hate Relationship

  1. lol, brilliant! Martin is like an instant addiction, isn’t he? and just to add to your pain, see if you can’t find any of his older stuff, his short story collections and such, because they are even better.


  2. I’ve seen the HBO adaptation of the first book, but I went on ahead and bought the book anyway. Turns out that that was a great call.

    Can’t wait till I actually finish it. Really looking forward to moving on to Clash of Kings even before the TV series jumps out.

    As a side note, I’m thinking of picking up either the Hunger Games series or the Wheel of Time compendium next on my reading list after the fifth (if the sixth Song of Ice and Fire installment isn’t out yet by then). What do you think / suggest? 😀


    1. Hmm, haven’t seen the other series yet — might be tunnel vision for the Ice & Fire series. =P I’m still halfway through Book 2, but I have Book 3 at hand already. Haha!


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