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Barista for a day

Coffee rings make me smile. It makes me think of long chats between friends, of well-deserved me-time, of a happy soul getting fed by a good book. Needless to say, cafes for me are a happy place.

For such a caffeine junkie, I honestly can’t make a decent cup of coffee to save my life. My IQ’s enough to concoct something out of  powdered coffee, cream and sugar, but it’s very very far from earth-shattering.

I figured I should at least have enough respect to learn the craft and hard work that goes into my cuppa, so I bought an AllDealsAsia voucher for a barista crash course at DblShots Cafe.

Class picture... say caffeine!

Our merry band of five barista-wannabes were met warmly by Gary, who manages the cafe. DblShots leaned towards the Italian roots of coffee-making; Gary walked us through the history and techniques they’ve adopted and made as well for themselves. The neat thing about the course was that in 2 hours, you’ll have a shot of expresso and a cup of latte, all out of the love and labor of your own two hands.

It’s confirmed — if I find myself in a life-or-death situation right now, I won’t be bragging about my expresso-making skills. But at least it’s a start; it’s always good to pick up a new craft, as you’ll never know when it will come handy.

Now, for some reason, whenever I hurry off to the cafe to satisfy my java-cravings, the drinks are now richer, its flavor more prominent. Or maybe it’s the character that I haven’t tasted before — a new-found respect for the unnamed person who labored to give me the perfect brew.

Have you ever toyed with the idea of learning something new, something totally foreign to what you do? Do you have something you love but totally know nothing about? Feel free to share through the comments!

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