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Good Morning, Sunshine! at the Botanic Gardens

Feeling guilty about the bag of Doritos I wolfed down by myself last night, I decided to do something extra special for my day’s morning jog. With the Circle Line recently opening its new stations, I thought it would be great to pay a visit at the once-almost-unreachable Singapore Botanic Gardens.

Kind hearts are gardens, kind thoughts are the roots.
Kind hearts are gardens. Kind thoughts are roots.

The MRT station was right next to the northwestern gate of the Botanic Gardens, near the trellis walks. After finding the Visitor Centre to stuff my bag in a locker, I set off in a jog. You could easily lose track of time as you go down the winding paths of the gardens. Many times on the way back I got sidetracked to one garden after another.

Path sign at the Botanic Gardens
Left or right?
This was quickly became one of my favorite paths. With the whole canopy almost devouring the route, you almost felt alone with nature, even if you're right in the heart of the city.

Even if you’re not into botany at all, you could still find the quirky sculptures that dotted the place amusing, or chill out at one of the serene benches by the lake.

I absolutely loved this sculpture of a woman blisfully enjoying a mellow moment in her hammock. Definitely so me.
I absolutely loved this sculpture of a woman blisfully enjoying a mellow moment in her hammock. Definitely so me.
Sculpture in the Sun Garden
Just lovely.

The garden’s a great spot for picnics, frisbee matches and dog-spotting (there were so many, it was almost too much cuteness to handle in the morning!).

Football mornings at the gardens
I see a frisbee field!
Waterfalls at the Ginger Gardens
Waterfalls at the Ginger Gardens
Perfect place to park for some quality reading time.
I have no idea what these were, but they were very photogenic.
That big lily pad in the right is actually a grandstand, where orchestras and plays usually entertain the nature-trippers.
Quaint bandstand screaming pre-nup photo-op.
No wonder I easily lost 2 hours in here.
Thank you, Circle Line. You're a rock star.

More pics? Then click here. Or visit the official Singapore Botanic Gardens site here.

2 thoughts on “Good Morning, Sunshine! at the Botanic Gardens

  1. Hi there… you mentioned that you took MRT and stuff your items on a locker. Do you happen to remember if the locker is located near the entrance that is close to the MRT or was it far?


    1. Hallo Riana! The locker was pretty far from the Botanic Gardens MRT entrance — the lockers are by the Visitor Centre in the center of the park. I haven’t been back in a while though, so I’m not sure if there are now new locker facilities. 🙂


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