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Vintage Love at Oakham Market

Obviously, this is where all the fashionable bears go.

I seriously should consider renaming my blog as ‘The Accidental Shopper’.

It began innocently enough. My mission for the day was to sift through Chinatown for some toys and souvenirs for my nephew and niece. After a few left and right turns, I ended up wandering into Club Street, which I love for the quirky bookstores that usually dot the road. A few minutes of browsing shouldn’t hurt.

It's a sign!

And then, there it was — retail serendipity. A sign caught my eye — Oakham Market, it said. Vintage. Thrift Store. Jackpot.

Pretty raids in a row.

The boutique is in B1-01 of 7 Ann Siang Hill — yes, you have to descend a flight of stairs as it’s tucked away in the basement. You’d start to think that they wanted to be all hush-hush about this gem of a shop, to guard the loot that’s hanging in the racks. When I walked in, it was as if I died and went to vintage heaven; it was gorgeous dress after gorgeous dress after gorgeous dress. The garments are divided into Vintage & Thrift — I must have spent more than an hour among the shop’s roomy racks.

My vote for the best use of an Ikea mirror.

The fun indie tunes playing in the background also made a nice touch for the whole shopping experience. I can’t remember being this happy about my haul for the day since the epic Charles & Keith sale — I made off with 4 pieces of $16.95 Thrift loot love.

Vintage heaven tucked away in the basement.

One of the best things about being bitten by the travel-bug is that exploring does not always mean riding in an airplane. It can mean discovering what’s just right outside your door, or what’s beyond that train station you pass by everyday. It can mean taking a random left turn, hopefully running into a nice surprise.

Oakham Market’s FB group page:

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