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Day 4: The Good, the Bad, and the Forbidden

Early morn:

The Good: Finally indulging our itch to shop after being in China for several days already. Shortly after we arrive from Xian, Phoebe and I freshen up and dart for Qianmen Shopping Street, south of Tiananmen Square.

When Phoebe and I laid eyes on the long row of shops lining the boulevard, we knew we've arrived. The main street holds the posh shops alongside the kitsch; take a random turn into the perpendicular alleys, and you'll be greeted by stalls with cheaper bargains and a whole lot of interesting stands for snacks.
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Vintage Love at Oakham Market

Obviously, this is where all the fashionable bears go.

I seriously should consider renaming my blog as ‘The Accidental Shopper’.

It began innocently enough. My mission for the day was to sift through Chinatown for some toys and souvenirs for my nephew and niece. Continue reading Vintage Love at Oakham Market