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To Market, To Market

It's market day!

Markets brim with life. Stallkeepers abuzz as they open for the day and beckon curious customers. Farmers proudly bringing in (quite literally) the fruit of their labor. Patrons lining up 30 minutes well before lunch to get their favorite dishes and pastries before they run out.

Who goes to Canada and does not get Canadian bacon?!

Perhaps it’s the simplicity that draws us in: Man reaps harvest. Another person is delighted by the work of this man’s hand. Man gets paid his work’s worth. A pure and simple way of living.

The dark one in the middle is actually Guinness-flavored cheese. Interesting.
Isn't this the prettiest (if not the weirdest) cauliflower you've seen?

St. Lawrence Market is not only teeming with gourmet cheeses, medleys of multi-cultural dishes, and delis offering mouth-watering varieties of meat. If you climb onto the 2nd floor (which used to be the original council chambers), you can view the Market Gallery for free. The gallery boasts of 200 years of history in pictures, from the market’s humble beginnings as a fish market to today’s premiere foodie destination.

So here's where you buy them...

Another kind of market makes me really really happy. When I read about Kensington Market, I knew I had to ask my sisters to take me there. Designer clothes and quirky trinkets bought for a song? Definitely my kind of afternoon!

If you have time for only one shop in Kensington Market, go to this one.
A full authentic Mongolian costume for 20 bucks? I couldn't resist trying out this one!

I waltzed into shop after shop. Courage My Love, aside from winning me over with its name, won my vote as the store with the best finds buck-for-buck. If you’re pooped from bargain-hunting, Kensington has a number of interesting restaurants as well — from the Hungary Thai to Waterfalls Indian Tapas to Wanda’s Pie In The Sky.

So which one is it?!
Getting ready for Halloween... now where are the sunflowers?

Want more pics? Jump on the links below:
2011-11 St. Lawrence Market – Picasa Web Album
2011-11 Kensington Market – Picasa Web Album

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