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CubeWorks: A Whopping Dose of Creativity

A whole lot of love going out to Cube Works

That search to discover the unique, the strange and the clever beyond your imagination — it never gets old. Many times, I don’t realize that I’ve walked as far as 3 train stations, just strolling to see what’s going to pop up around the next corner.

Twist, indeed.

Fortunately, we didn’t really have to trudge that far for this one. Along one of the cobbled streets of Toronto’s Distillery District, just walk into CubeWorks for an in-your-face blast of creativity.

Masterpieces all in a row.

The studio has a penchant for retro and the quirky, but they don’t just stop at using Rubik’s cubes as the medium of choice. They have masterpieces of pop culture icons made from dice, aluminum plates and even spools of thread (!), that would make you question if you’re pushing your personal creativity enough to realize its true potential.

This thread spool labor of love on the right was my absolute favorite.

Two words for the gallery — sheer genius. For you guys out there, here are more pictures that will hopefully make you understand why I’m at a loss for words:

Why so serious?
Yeah, you know there was bound to be one.
Mona Lisa made out of dice.
And these made it to 'pop-culture icon'-status, too.

Want more? You can check out more of their collections at their official site.

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