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Angels and ChiGi-mons

I don't care if it's grainy... it's Chi-chi and Gi-gi!

If laughter is the best medicine, then the jocks of RX 93.1‘s The Morning Rush (TMR) are the quack doctors. You have no idea what they’re giving you, but damn it, it just works.

I can’t remember who first introduced me to TMR, but I think it was as early as my third grade days. This was years before the cellphone, when we had to sneak in 6 am calls from home to the radio station, just so that we can hear our own greets on the way to school on the bus (yeah, cheap thrills were plenty then…).

Cerah, me, Ate Bot, Chico, Rico and Ate Yen

Fast forward to being a corporate stooge in a foreign land. When I moved to Singapore, I found myself missing OPM and everything Filipino — that is, until I discovered the Chico and Del TMR Top 10 podcasts. Hot diggity dawg! Every day, I failed miserably at mastering the art of hiding boisterous laughter whenever I would listen to the podcasts while at work. Try to explain ‘Arte mo, ogag!’ to your Indian and Singaporean colleagues (not easy!).

Little monsters =P

I was hooked, big time. Having the podcasts (and constant Pinoy wit, in general) was a big factor in curing the homesickness. When I shared the podcasts with my sister (who is now based in Toronto), she instantly became a fan too. She got onboard at the start of the reign of Chi-chi and Gi-gi — Gino, another RX DJ, had to fill in during Del’s maternity leave, and it quickly became the age of nonstop hilarity, questionable testosterone, and high-pitched bromance laughter. A sheer insanity-palooza! My sister especially loved the epic rap-offs (I wonder if she got as far back as listening to Chico’s zinger-zongwriter phase?).

So on the highly-atypical event that my sister and I were both in Manila, I knew we had to pay a visit to the RX TMR booth. No way was I leaving this archipelago without seeing Gino’s guffaw live!

My friend Ralph, bilang ang dakilang hadlang.
Bantering with your colleagues for your WHOLE work shift? Not too shabby!
RX is going to the (not-so-angry) birds!

Needless to say, we had tons of fun. Chico, Cerah, Rico and Gino were really accommodating and didn’t ignore us at all, despite all the queueing, adlib-ing, crossfading and pitching they had to do. I must say — these guys are kings and queens of multi-tasking (I’m not worthy!). I realized that it was my first time in a looong while to listen to the show with the actual music (!), as the post-show podcasts usually leave out the songs and commercials. Getting to chat and jape with the RX jocks in between their spiels gave a high that will probably linger for a long while.

Whether you live in or are just visiting Manila, I highly recommend dropping by the RX booth to watch these guys do the thing they do best (i.e. making us roll in the floor laughing). Til next time, RX!

The RX 93.1 studios are on the 17th floor of Strata 2000, along Emerald Avenue, Ortigas, Pasig. The Morning Rush rules the airwaves from 6-10 am on weekdays and from 6-9 am on every last Saturday of the month.

Follow them on FB:
Or fine, twitter: @rxtmr

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