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Inspiringly MAAD

When I can’t wipe the silly smile off my face, that’s when I know I’ve made a good discovery.

Definitely was crazy about this bright idea.

Based on my past entries, I think that it’s a well-established fact that I raid flea markets with a fervor of a spendthrift scorned. It was my first time to get wind of the MAAD (Market of Artists and Designers) fetes at Red Dot Design Museum, and boy, was I glad I took time to check out this month’s shindig.

The Red Dot Design Museum is already a right-brained delight to see during its day hours, but come the time of the monthly MAAD markets, the museum is transformed to an “art”-erpreneur’s commune, if you may. It’s a chance for ingenious minds to mingle and share their art — be it in handicrafts, photography, fashion, painting, music, even food! MAAD takes flea markets to another dimension — perfect for picking out that one-of-a-kind gift or for discovering your new creative hero.

Loved these rings from Momshoo -- check out the rest of the farm over at

Must. Resist. Buying. Another. Adorable Passport Cover!

In their site, MAAD states that they screen their participant’s wares — favoring only the “original, creative, and more often than not, handmade works by talented painters, jewellery makers, product designers, visual artists, wordsmiths and eco-friendly seamstresses” — all to keep the level of artistic calibre intact. I applaud MAAD for their vision and execution; it’s definitely a place to be madly inspired.

Some of the stalls spill over to Maxwell Road outside the Red Dot museum.
MAAD's not just a chance to shop -- they have sketching sessions and live bands as well.

To know more about MAAD, you can check out their FB page over here, or check their market sked over here.

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