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5 Ways to Spend a Splurge-Free Day at Perth

Australia isn’t exactly among the places you would go to for cheap thrills. In fact, Perth clocks in one of world’s highest density of uber-high-net-worth individuals. Hashtag: FilthyRich.

(cue song) I wanna be a billionaire...

That’s why it was a nice surprise when we found ourselves enjoying a full tourist-y day wandering the fab Perth CBD sans the splurging (except for good grub and ale, of course!). Here are a few tips on how to make like Jessie J and enjoy a day in Perth not caring about the kaching-kaching:

1.) Take a ride the free TransPerth CAT buses.

Who needs to pay for a hop-on, hop-off double-decker, when there’s 3 routes of free bus services waiting to show you around? Perth has delightfully provided tourists & locals alike free transit around the CBD, Northbridge and Joondalup. It doesn’t hurt that a lot of the stops are at the city attractions themselves, like the Museum, the Barrack St Jetty, and the Town Hall. You can practically just hop on a bus, press your nose against the window and watch the city life go by, then simply hop off when you see something that catches your eye.

2.) Get to know the city on a free i-City guided walk, or saunter on your own self-guided tour.

Once you get the momentum, it'll be very hard to stop walking around the Perth CBD; there's just so much to see!

In the heart of Murray Street Mall (one of the stops of the said free bus), you’ll find welcoming faces in the City Information Kiosk, armed with as much free info as you’ll probably ever need to wander around Perth. Volunteers offer to take insatiable minds around the city at designated times on every single day of the week. How cool is that?! Don’t fret if you miss the time for the guided tour — you can simply pick a very tourist-friendly map and take a self-guided walk (it’s fun & easy, I swear!).

Swan Bells by the Barrack St Jetty

3.) Show some love for Perth’s street talent.

This one doesn't do a lot of tricks though.

You don’t need to dole out a fortune for that musical or opera. Keep your eyes peeled for acts that will blow you away, like this one on Murray Street Mall — Mickey J was so good he deserved his own post. =P Don’t you dare miss 4:29 on that vid!

(And while you’re on Murray, grab a bite at Delizioso Cafe — I know it’s not exactly free, but at 6 bucks for their award-winning pizza, it’s truly a steal! A slice of the Trio would easily stump some of the best high-end Italian restos out there.)

4.) Go trigger-happy at the Perth Cultural Centre.

Imagine, wander, gaze, discover.

With its quirky, stunning and thought-provoking outdoor installations, an impromptu photo shoot at the PCC can easily take all day long. Take the free bus to the Museum stop, satisfy your curious minds by browsing the exhibits at the Western Australian Museum, then take your pick whether you want to unleash the inner photographer or the inner diva at the outdoor artworks dotting the plaza.

Do you hear what I hear?

5.) Chill out with a movie night at the piazza.

Cool breeze. Fresh grass. Beanbags of fun. And that’s not even the best part yet: the movie’s free! FREE! The perfect way to rest your weary feet and cap off a loooong splurge-free but nevertheless fun-filled day.

I love it when the simplest things bring out the most fun in your day.

More pics! 2012-01 Perth CBD Picasa Album

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