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Mickey J Rocks Perth

Mickey J — you are insane, as in INSANELY TALENTED.

I’m always a sucker for street performances, at times literally rubbing elbows with the crowd at the hopes of getting my dose of genius and astonishment for the day. We did get to see a lot of acts in the Murray Street Mall in Perth, ranging from the delightful to the just plain weird.

One thing was for sure: Mickey J ranks high up there with the performer-extraordinaire elite, the type who you would run after to ask to take your money (it’s true — after he performed, people swarmed around him with all smiles and praises). I wish I had even just HALF of this guy’s talent. Aside from his killer swag (yes, the boy has swag!), I also loved how he urged and pulled in people to join his act; this is one guy who’s not insecure in sharing the limelight. It also struck a chord for me when he mentioned he used to work in a bank*, before quitting and pursuing his heart’s true passion.

Watch the video above if you want to see for yourself how Mickey J served us heaps of awesome on that aptly cheerful sunny day. Be sure not to miss 4:29 — was just about the coolest thing I’ve ever seen a street performer do. Enjoy!

* A BANK! (here’s me tearing out my hair and screaming to the heavens: ‘UNIVERSE! STOP WITH THE MIND GAMES! =P)

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