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Six-Thousand Close Shaves

Six-thousand people signing up to get their heads shaved — now that’s something you don’t see everyday.

I’ve bungeed off ledges and jumped off cliffs — but on the subject of allowing someone to clip off all my hair, I’m afraid I’ll have to wimp out, thank you. Going for something less-thrilling-but-still-relevant instead, I volunteered to be a stage sweeper in this year’s Hair for Hope fundraising event, organized by Singapore’s Children’s Cancer Foundation.

It’s a sweep!

Men, women, young, old, curly, straight, afro-ed — all of them willingly came for the mass makeover. Some were first-timers, but a few were also veteran shavees. I couldn’t help but gawk at and admire all these gutsy souls who made the bold gesture for all the young ones who are struggling with the challenges of cancer.

Hopefully, his parents know what he’s up to!
Young man watching the event unfold. Now if we can only get him to volunteer….
Pausing for a quick photo-op with fellow volunteers. I’ve never been this excited to pick up a broom!
Give it up for a full row of lady pledges!

We more or less know about the physical ills of cancer, but how about doing something for the spirits of those ailed by it? Perhaps what I gleaned most from this day was the power of a gesture, of an act coming from loved ones or even strangers. Sure, shaving your head won’t cure anyone, and donating financial help would probably be more practical, but doing something to ease their minds off the apprehension of looking different (especially when you didn’t have to do it at all) sends a message that you commit to supporting them for the long run, and that they’re definitely not alone in their struggle. You’re also teaching these kids that people can be bigger than how they look and how they feel, as all these are fleeting.

Sometimes, it’s all about perspective.

All in solidarity.

There’s something about a half-shaven head that never fails to catch your eye, but I must say that the best sights of the day were the expressions on the shavees’ faces after their momentous haircuts. A lot of them seemed to be beaming, glowing, as if you can see the lightness in their hearts from their wide grins.

And yeah, the expression on this little girl’s face was precious too. 🙂

More pics! 2012-07 Hair for Hope Picasa Album

To find out more about Hair for Hope, and about other ways you can help the Singapore Children’s Cancer Foundation, shimmy over to the Hair For Hope SG Website and/or the Children’s Cancer Foundation SG Website.

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