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Happy Knabenschiessen!

When I was first told I was to report to the Zurich office, I was expecting it to be more formal than what I’m used to, since this was our home base after all. Maybe austere, even.

When I got off the bus stop at Uetlihof, there was a carnival outside my office. I kid you not. Food stalls lined the sidewalk, peddling every kind of cuisine your tummy can demand of you — Swiss, German, Chinese, Greek, Brazilian. From my desk window, I could see a giant ferris wheel. Talk about rolling out the red carpet.

What a treat!

It was good that my boss explained that the festivities was because of Knabenschiessen, an annual shooting tournament for teenagers (again, I kid you not.). Else, I would have thought that all the hoohaa was for me. Nevertheless, I thank my very game hosts and teammates for tolerating this big kiddo (that’s moi) and getting more than their daily quota of sunshine as we strolled around the festival grounds. A big thanks to my aunt as well for riding the roller coaster with me (in office clothes! =P)!

A girl could get used to this kind of welcome.

Yes, the Swiss know their thrills.
And the Brazilians know their rum.
Yup, the drinks must have been THAT good.
Happy Knabenschiessen!

More pics? They’re over here: 2012-09 Happy Knabenshiessen!

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