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Seventh Heaven at the Jungfraujoch

The trip up Europe’s highest railway wasn’t originally in the itinerary, but I took the very pleasant weather as a push from fate. Launching myself into a fury, I cancelled and made last-minute bookings left and right. It almost looked like it wasn’t happening, but then at last, the day trip to Jungfraujoch was a go, and the sights were worth every bit of the trouble.

As a grown-up kiddo woman who has never dug her hands in snow, for me the “Top of Europe” was utter bliss, a literal Winter Wonderland. It wasn’t long before we were doing jumpshots and whatnot all over the snow-capped summit. Paragliders and hikers were busy that day too; we were told that not everyone was that lucky to have such clear visibility at the top.

At the Jungfraujoch rail. Dawg, stick your head out that window!

The trip wasn’t all about the icy peaks — the ride all the way from Zurich to Interlaken then up the Jungfraujoch rail was fun too, thanks especially to our zany tour guide, Kid. Kid, born and raised in Thailand, somehow found his calling as a guide in the Alps, and somehow we all knew the tour wouldn’t be as fun without his jokes and antics.

What’s not to love? *sigh*

True, a tour to Jungfraujoch will set you back to almost a whopping CHF 200. I’m usually averse to splurging, but when it comes to experiences like these, I find it worth every cent. No pictures will do any justice compared to seeing the Alps up close, especially for mountaineering nuts like me. Bottomline — I find that you can scrimp on everything else, but not on the things that fill your heart.

That being said, here are more pics. 🙂

Giant snow globe at the Alpine Sensation, an attraction specially set-up for the Jungfraujoch’s centenary celebration.
Perfectly missed opportunity for a bikini shot. Oh well, this will have to do. =P
Chilling at the icy tunnel on the way to the Ice Palace.
Cool penguins — one of the many ice sculptures inside the Ice Palace.
The scenery along the way from Zurich to Interlaken is majestic as well.

Pictures Galore!
2012-09 Jungfraujoch – Picasa Album

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