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The Perfect Summer in Coron

Some countries have provinces. We have pockets of paradise.

It’s been a long time since I’ve last explored the island gems of the Philippines, that when I first laid eyes on Coron, I was simply stunned. Stunned speechless, even. Coron was gorgeous beyond words! I’ve felt like I’ve searched far and wide around the globe to come upon something grandiose, and yet one of the most breathtaking places I’ve ever seen was right at home.

Our boat docked in countless coves and beaches with white, powdery sand. We walked up to palm trees swaying in the wind, as if in a ritual dance of welcome. Playful fish and colorful corals showed off the jewels of the Philippine waters. Over our heads, the sun beamed on the tall limestone cliffs, adorned with green shrubs and creepers. It didn’t hurt at all that the weather was perfect — bright blue sky all around, with no rain cloud in sight. I dare say that summer is definitely more fun in the Philippines.

Yes, home, where I never had to worry if the water would be too cold. Where happy people thrive and smile despite what nature — and life, in general — brings. Where even if it seems that life is harder on you, once you just gather the courage to go off the beaten path, you’re bound to stumble on something grand you’ve overlooked, a treasure that you’ve had all along. For a moment, I’m again home.

For those who want to embark on the same island-hopping trip, you can check out the day trips in Nice in Paradise’s website here. The guides were really jolly, once we got them chatting about life in the Coron and the interesting people they’ve met during their tours. My favorite stops of the trips would have to be Malcapuya Island and the Balinsasayaw Floating House.

Coron, Philippines
May 2014
Song: Free by Donavon

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