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30 Travel Videos That Will Make You Want to Ride Off to Your Next Adventure

Have you ever seen something on TV or in a movie that made you instantly go, “I wanna go there!”? Remember when you were a kid, when you would actually dash off to unknown places, climb trees or rocks without even knowing what’s up there, because after reading and hearing all about adventure, you were dead set on finding your own one too?

Countless travel videos — whether in Vimeo, Youtube or Tripfilms — have often made me go, “Whoa!”, “No s**t!”, “That’s crazy! We need to do this!”, and variations of other expletives. On many occasions, these adventures shook me back into a relentless pursuit of adventure, at times when I start to feel lazy and begin to settle.

Drooling over travel videos has always been one of my guilty pleasures. It’s a love-hate relationship, really — as much as I detest how I didn’t get to join their exploits, it’s really hard to hate something so beautifully made. Join me and indulge your inner fantasy-chaser, as we go through 30 epic travel videos that will inspire you when you’re home-bound (or at least, tethered to somewhere with wi-fi).

May your thirst for adventure be endless!

1.) I Love People:5000 miles, 930 people, 162 secs by Benjamin Jenks
Made years before ‘selfie’ was Oxford’s Word of the Year, this video went viral and captured the hearts of everyone everywhere who genuinely wanted to meet people and make lasting memories while on the road. Here’s proof that there are more friends to be made out there than foes.

2.) The WatchTower of Turkey by Leonardo Dalessandri
Watching this was like seeing my own dream while awake — not that floating, peaceful sensation, but vivid and fast-paced flashes of what could be memories from a past, or maybe even future, life.

3.) Music Video: I Can Be The One by Avicii vs Nicky Romero
I award this one with the Best Use of Music Video Budget for Infinite Wanderlust Inspiration. Watch out for her epic to-do list — I bet that’d be your sole focus from now on too.

4.) Adventurer Fever by Andrés Brenner
Gosh, I wish I made videos as good as this one! In one of the best vlog pieces I’ve seen, Andrés locks you in with his wit and humor, as he shares one the most unique experiences you can have while in Sulawesi, Indonesia.

5.) Enter Pyongyang by JT Singh
North Korea is often the elusive Golden Grail in many quirky travelers’ bucket lists. This video allowed us a rare peek into the city, where the bustling train stations, busy streets and overran playgrounds make you think that maybe Pyongyang is not so different from where you live.

6.) Palawan – From the Air by Scott Sporleder
Here’s one to give you a bad case of drone-envy. Palawan is stunning! I could not be prouder that this gem’s right in our own backyard. You might never want to swim in anything else not as clear as the waters of Palawan.

7.) WANDER IN PARADISE // Treasured Memories from Playa Junquillal, Guanacaste, Costa Rica by Svensk
This one tries to teach us what we all innately know — Costa Rica’s blessed with gorgeous waters. I especially liked it for its great play of wide, overhead shots mixed with intimate close-ups.

8.) In Oman – 2014 by Vincent Urban and Mario Clement
Oman wasn’t even on my go-to list, until I saw this video. Isn’t it wonderful when that happens? The moments when these adventurous friends just horse around — in some of the most stunning landscapes of dunes, water and canyons — remind you of how much beauty the world is waiting for you to discover.

9.) Buenos Aires: Inception Park by Blacksheep Films
This video starts innocently, then right about at 00:16, it’ll make you go, “What the f***?!”. A must-watch creative take on how to find and see hidden thrills on the city streets.

10.) Move by Rick Mereki
One of the more popular travel videos out there, this video reminds us of one fundamental principles of exploration: to MOVE. Move even if you don’t know where you’re going, even if you’re tired, even if it scares you. As a wise man said, the great affair is to MOVE.

11.) Hypereurotrip by Piotr Wancerz
This is exactly how I feel when I flip through travel magazines! Up for a hyper adventure through Europe in 2 minutes? Then hit Play!

12.) Boston Layer-Lapse by Julian Tryba
This was a brilliant take that revived my faith in the time-lapse, a technique that I once thought was starting to be over-used. Hurray for creativity!

13.) Somewhere in Vietnam by Gabriel Menassier
One word — STUNNING. Somewhere in Vietnam, beyond the reaches of the usual tourist path, lies the lush jungle, the peaceful river, the warm smiles of the hillside tribespeople — serene and almost silent, letting their beauty speak for itself.

14.) The Man Who Lived on His Bike by Guillaume Blanchet
Have you ever been convinced that you can live hitting the road 24/7? This is a video of a guy who literally did, as he roamed the streets of Montreal round the clock. Watching this makes me chuckle every single time.

15.) Frame of Mind by Steven Alan
Cool concept pulled off when the creators were exploring Hawaii. After watching this, I bet you’ll be itching to out what they did too!

16.) Inspired by Iceland
Let’s face it — when it comes to drool-worthy landscapes, there is almost no match for Iceland. Gosh, they don’t even have to try to be pretty. Here’s a brilliant video for Iceland’s tourism, where even the goofy antics and dance steps are not enough to take your eyes off Iceland’s natural beauty.

17.) Sounds of Paragliding by shams
When you thought it’d be another RedBull-esque show-off video, this flick wins you over with its endearing storytelling.

18.) Yurt Living by Brian Lewis
With stunning shots of the Colorado peaks, Brian is able to articulate perfectly the answer to the age-old question, “Why?”.

19.) Space Hoppers in Venice by milkandblue
And you thought Venice was only about the gondolas.

20.) Swimming Pigs in Exuma Bahamas
I don’t know what’s crazier — that these farm animals found themselves to be natural paddlers, or that they’re enjoying the stunning turquoise seas of the Bahamas and not you.

21.) Costa Rica: Get Living by Patrick Pierson
A beautifully-compiled classic buddies-getaway video, which shows, that at its core, journeys are as much about the setting, as about the people you meet and share the journey with.

22.) Cloud Safari by Albert Ponnelle
Almost too many days, I spend my time daydreaming at my desk, thinking of the countless ways I could spend my time instead of pounding at the keyboard. These guys have a brilliant idea of how to spend their mornings, right in time for a perfect breakfast.

23.) Bali, Je T’aime! by Andrew Melikov
What’s the rush? Let Bali’s laid-back cool (and Andrew’s stunning, stunning visuals) take you to that place in your mind where you find peace, where you rediscover the grandeur of the simplest things.

24.) Dark Side of the Lens by Mickey Smith
Interesting glimpse into the life of a big wave surf photographer — I imagine it takes someone really brave and perhaps crazy to literally submerge himself in frigid swells, banging against some menacingly sharp Irish crags, all for the curse and the glory of his passion. The narrative is compelling too; it almost makes me feel ashamed of following anything other than my heart.

25.) On Assignment – Climbing Yosemite by Renan Ozturk
Getting to shoot for NatGeo is a dream for intrepid photographers everywhere. Most of the time, people only get to see the glamour and fame, and not the intensely-hard work that the photographers have to pull off during the chase of that elusive, perfect shot.

26.) Whale Fantasia by GoPro
I’m a regular drooler over at the GoPro Channel, but this one’s a standout for me. Dang, these women are some of the most bad-ass athletes I’ve seen. Here’s proof that if you dare to match your big dreams with hard-core guts, the rewards can be larger than life.

27.) Love Japan by David Anthony Parkinson
Watching this reminds me of how easy it is to love Japan — its picturesque landscapes, its humble and warm people, a culture whose richness could only be matched by the people’s reverence for it.

27.) 8 Signs You Have Wanderlust by BuzzFeed Video
Yes, yes, and 8 times Amen.

29.) Allo Allo {Deux Américains à Paris} by House of Nod
Jump into a spontaneity of adventures that can come your way in one of the most exciting cities in the world.

30.) The Holstee Manifesto
Yeah, I know it’s a bit narcissistic to put in one of my own vids — but for this one, it’s not as much as for the flashy montage of portraits and landscapes, as for the message of the Holstee Manifesto itself. This manifesto has been a beacon for me on countless times, and has opened the doors to many joys that I couldn’t have imagined for myself.

Did I miss out your favorite travel video? I’d love to see them — I bet they’re epic! Feel free to share links to your favorite vids in the comments.

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