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30 Travel Videos That Will Make You Want to Ride Off to Your Next Adventure

Have you ever seen something on TV or in a movie that made you instantly go, “I wanna go there!”? Remember when you were a kid, when you would actually dash off to unknown places, climb trees or rocks without even knowing what’s up there, because after reading and hearing all about adventure, you were dead set on finding your own one too?

Countless travel videos — whether in Vimeo, Youtube or Tripfilms — have often made me go, “Whoa!”, “No s**t!”, “That’s crazy! We need to do this!”, and variations of other expletives. On many occasions, these adventures shook me back into a relentless pursuit of adventure, at times when I start to feel lazy and begin to settle.

Drooling over travel videos has always been one of my guilty pleasures. It’s a love-hate relationship, really — as much as I detest how I didn’t get to join their exploits, it’s really hard to hate something so beautifully made. Join me and indulge your inner fantasy-chaser, as we go through 30 epic travel videos that will inspire you when you’re home-bound (or at least, tethered to somewhere with wi-fi).

May your thirst for adventure be endless!

1.) I Love People:5000 miles, 930 people, 162 secs by Benjamin Jenks
Made years before ‘selfie’ was Oxford’s Word of the Year, this video went viral and captured the hearts of everyone everywhere who genuinely wanted to meet people and make lasting memories while on the road. Here’s proof that there are more friends to be made out there than foes.

2.) The WatchTower of Turkey by Leonardo Dalessandri
Watching this was like seeing my own dream while awake — not that floating, peaceful sensation, but vivid and fast-paced flashes of what could be memories from a past, or maybe even future, life.

3.) Music Video: I Can Be The One by Avicii vs Nicky Romero
I award this one with the Best Use of Music Video Budget for Infinite Wanderlust Inspiration. Watch out for her epic to-do list — I bet that’d be your sole focus from now on too.

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I Heart Italy

In the short span of of five days, I was floored, smitten, head-over-heels in love with Italy — to think that I only got to explore dreamy Venice and beguiling Rome. Never was I so sad to leave a destination, but crossed fingers, I pray that the magic of Trevi Fountain works for me, so that I’ll find myself back for another Italian adventure.

Venice and the Art of Getting Lost

Things to do when in Venice:
Eat a lot of gelato.
Get a map and plot out all sights you want to see in this labyrinth.
Bring the map and get lost anyway.
Eat more gelato and everything will be okay.

As I got off the platform in Venezia Santa Lucia, I had to struggle to keep from jumping up and down as I got an eyeful of Venice. Busy waterway streets, gondoliers bedecked in stripes and straw hats — it was unreal, a whimsical pace of life defying the logical world as I knew it. It was perfect. Continue reading Venice and the Art of Getting Lost