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Niagara-on-the-Lake = Smiles-on-our-Hearts

[ Forgive the cheesy title — old towns make me mushy. Can’t be helped. ]

Gorging on trick-or-treat leftover loot, my sisters and I set off for a drive to Niagara-on-the-Lake (NOTL). This quaint spot of Ontario oozes of old-town charm, its laid-back pace a stark difference to the raging waters of its better-known neighbor. Continue reading Niagara-on-the-Lake = Smiles-on-our-Hearts

Food trucks and hockey pucks

Nothing quite screams love of country for me as much as these 2 things: homegrown cooking and local sports nuts.

First dibs on the Gorilla Cheese line, oh yeah!

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A Day Trip to Montreal

Jackets? Check! Chips? Check! Extra jackets? Check!!

Belle ville de Montréal

Three reasons kept me stoked about this road trip:

1.) After a week of meandering around Toronto, today was my first time to break out of the state of Ontario.
2.) It was my nephew and niece’s first backpacking trip on a Greyhound (yey for adventure!).
3.) After crossing the Pacific, I was finally going to meet up with my high-school friend, Mace!
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CubeWorks: A Whopping Dose of Creativity

A whole lot of love going out to Cube Works

That search to discover the unique, the strange and the clever beyond your imagination — it never gets old. Many times, I don’t realize that I’ve walked as far as 3 train stations, just strolling to see what’s going to pop up around the next corner. Continue reading CubeWorks: A Whopping Dose of Creativity