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DJ Bootcamp: Diggy-diggy-aah!

Oooh... what does this button do?

It’s always good to have a lot of tricks up your sleeve. I think of it as stocking up my arsenal, just in case my desk job finally drives me nuts and I need to escape to an alternative career. Continue reading DJ Bootcamp: Diggy-diggy-aah!

A Glimpse of the 2011 SG F1 Night Race

23-25 September 2011
Singapore Formula One Grand Prix Night Race

This post is dedicated to 3 people.

First of course is my ex-boss Vic, who I have to thank for the free Friday grandstand tickets. Long live the SWAT alumni!

The second goes out to the Merlion — thanks for making any event held in Singapore grand. And I mean grand. The mini-shows around the track in between the races were a nice touch; hoping for a more exciting lineup next year, though.

And lastly, it goes out to Auntie Ruth, the real-estate agent who found our nook in Mountbatten. The view of the Singapore Flyer & Marina Bay from our unit is just simply A-MA-ZING. Honestly, I think half of the video is all about the fireworks as seen from our window. I can’t say it enough — A-MA-ZING.