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Kaladkarin hangs loose in SG

Sporty is definitely the word to describe weekend #2 at Singapore. After spending the whole Sat afternoon playing badminton at Woodlands, we whisked ourselves to the Dairy Farm Quarry at Bukit Timah on Sunday to join a fundraising by the Bundokeros.

It was nice to get reoriented with the life on the trail, even for just a swift glimpse of who I used to be. Hopefully, that person is not forever lost. Maybe this is the part where I rediscover her.

Pics from the rappel:

Day 4: Kaladkarin Goes F1-Crazy in Singapore


Finally, the day of the race! KE, Ate Tina and I hauled ass over to Suntec for the F1 Motorshow. The two cool things I got to do: (1) don a Maclaren jumpsuit and own up to being a poser, (2) watch the car stunts show by world-record holders Russ & Paul Swift (apt names, huh?) and actually get to ride in the car with the stunt drivers! Woot-woo, six bucks well spent! Spent the rest of the time snapping away with the cam and ogling over the race cars. Continue reading Day 4: Kaladkarin Goes F1-Crazy in Singapore

Day 3: Kaladkarin’s Adventures in Singapore

Chilling at Forest Adventure in Bedok Reservoir with Mike, Ben, Rhea and KE

After a barrage of malls, we had an outdoorsy agenda for this Saturday. Rhea, Mike, Ben, KE and I trooped to the outskirts of Bedok for a ‘Forest Adventure’. You know you’re in for an exciting day when (1), you have no idea of what the ‘Forest Adventure’ actually is (hiking, I presumed), and (2), you have no idea of how to go there. So out went the handy-dandy maps again as we navigated our way to the Bedok Reservoir. Continue reading Day 3: Kaladkarin’s Adventures in Singapore

Day 2: Kaladkarin (aka the F1-Poser) Invades Singapore

Awesome seats! Score!

Among other things, KE was dead set on scoring some Charles & Keith shoes, so after a quick breakfast, Ate Ting, KE and I whisked ourselves off to Orchard Road. Not too many stores later, I confirmed that I really was a compulsive shopper, as I bought myself a new blouse even before KE got to pick out shoes. =P We’ve raided Takashimaya Mall, Isetan and Suntec, before KE had her heart set upon the perfect black C&K heels. Continue reading Day 2: Kaladkarin (aka the F1-Poser) Invades Singapore