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Good Morning, Sunshine! at the Botanic Gardens

Feeling guilty about the bag of Doritos I wolfed down by myself last night, I decided to do something extra special for my day’s morning jog. With the Circle Line recently opening its new stations, I thought it would be great to pay a visit at the once-almost-unreachable Singapore Botanic Gardens.

Kind hearts are gardens, kind thoughts are the roots.
Kind hearts are gardens. Kind thoughts are roots.

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Azkals Loose in Singapore

Us trying to put on our scariest game faces. As to what the hell I'm doing, I have no idea.

Ever since I left Manila, the list of the things I’m missing out on seems to grow longer and longer. Artists like Jason Mraz and the AI S10 idols oblige their throngs of fans in Araneta, but couldn’t be bothered to even take a peep at wee Singapore. Football-fever struck Manila as well, and I could only watch the FB updates as my high school friends troop to the game stadiums together.

So when a friend sent a shout-out about watching the Lions-Azkals friendly game in Singapore, I immediately raised my hand for tickets. At last! I have ZIP knowledge about football; I couldn’t tell you what the red/yellow/technicolor cards meant, even if my life depended on it. But what the hell, it’s been so long since I’ve been to anything nationalistic and I’m determined to yell, cheer and heckle for my country.  Continue reading Azkals Loose in Singapore

A Glimpse of the 2011 SG F1 Night Race

23-25 September 2011
Singapore Formula One Grand Prix Night Race

This post is dedicated to 3 people.

First of course is my ex-boss Vic, who I have to thank for the free Friday grandstand tickets. Long live the SWAT alumni!

The second goes out to the Merlion — thanks for making any event held in Singapore grand. And I mean grand. The mini-shows around the track in between the races were a nice touch; hoping for a more exciting lineup next year, though.

And lastly, it goes out to Auntie Ruth, the real-estate agent who found our nook in Mountbatten. The view of the Singapore Flyer & Marina Bay from our unit is just simply A-MA-ZING. Honestly, I think half of the video is all about the fireworks as seen from our window. I can’t say it enough — A-MA-ZING.