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Mickey J Rocks Perth

Mickey J — you are insane, as in INSANELY TALENTED.

I’m always a sucker for street performances, at times literally rubbing elbows with the crowd at the hopes of getting my dose of genius and astonishment for the day. We did get to see a lot of acts in the Murray Street Mall in Perth, ranging from the delightful to the just plain weird. Continue reading “Mickey J Rocks Perth”

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Perth & Fremantle: A Day Behind Bars and Other Stories

Good morning, sunshine!

Western Australia gave me a warm welcome for my first glimpse of the Land Down Under. So very warm, in fact, that I would soon come to christen Perth in the summer as the city of eternal sunshine (or in Tagalog, ‘ang siyudad na laging tanghaling tapat’).

We easily settled into Underground Backpackers over at Northbridge, our digs for the weekend. The hostel was just a few blocks away from the Perth Central Train Station, so after breakfast (or ‘brekky’, as we were soon to be educated), we trooped off on foot and bought tickets to Fremantle. My friend Geebee and I got a FamilyRider ticket (a day pass that’s a steal for big groups, allowing up to 7 people for one stub!). In a few minutes, we were onboard and watching the picturesque rows of houses zip by on our way to the port city. Continue reading “Perth & Fremantle: A Day Behind Bars and Other Stories”