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Invading the Scottish Highlands – Day 1

I didn’t think that it was polite to set foot in Scotland and leave without even caring to peek at Loch Ness, so I booked a 3-day Skye-High Haggis Adventures tour to roam around the Highlands. It was a bit daunting though, given that it was the first multi-day tour that I’ll be taking solo. Continue reading “Invading the Scottish Highlands – Day 1”

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It’s Kitanglad, dawg!

Mt. Kitanglad, Bukidnon

Of course, every great trip deserves a tribute video. =)

To say that Mt. Kitanglad was a sight to behold is a glaring understatement. It was definitely one of the best climbs I’ve been on –> fun trail + awesome view = winner! If there was any doubt if climbing is still my first great love, then this trip just about squashes it all.

This goes out to kindred spirits Jan, Stan & Biboy. Can’t wait to go back and visit D2 next! 🙂

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OOOF! discovers Anawangin

It’s one of the more fun things I “have” to do in HP — make sure that everyone’s distracted from their work. 🙂

The Out-Of-Office Fun! initiative had a climb+beach getaway last Sunday, thanks to our great TL Kian, who put it all together. The day started as early as 4:30 am at the Victory Liner terminal at Caloocan; Jan made herself the trip’s target by arriving last several hours later. 🙂

At around 10:30, we were dropped off at San Antonio, Zambales and took tricycles to the jump-off point. After putting on sunblock and a round of stretching, we started the trek. The mountain’s relatively a Level 0.5, so it took us just around 4 hours for the whole climb (that’s going up + rest stops + singing + lunch + photo ops at peak + alaskahan + going down).

What we found on the other side of the mountain was a beach paradise waiting for us. We couldn’t wait to take our fill of this isolated strip of heaven, which we practically had all for ourselves. My words would probably not do justice to the moments of utter bliss we had, so I’d let the pictures do the talking instead. More pics from the great Paul and Kian. Thanks to Paul, Kian & Ronnel for posting the pics!

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The Mt. Apo Experience

On top of the world!

I love vacations. They allow you to disconnect and free you to be a non-functional individual of the human race.

Despite not pushing through with Camiguin & rafting as planned, to say that climbing Mt. Apo was memorable is a huge understatement.

Definitely, this was the hardest physical battle I’ve had. At times, I’m sure I lost, bruised, wounded and sprained, but the learnings I took from the experience were priceless and unexpected ones, and that’s always a delight.

Thinking about the whole Davao experience sends my head in all directions, but it’s the tiny details that stick. The sight of the clouds way below your feet. The roar of the river as you cross. The pinch from your ‘battle scars’ and the numbness from cold. The canopy that swallows you whole. The feel of the boulders and the smell of sulfur. The glorious sunrise that makes it all worth it.

I’m definitely no good in giving justice to what it was like, so i guess I’ll just let the pics do the talking, as soon as they come.

To the Lakay Apo team, saludo ako sa inyo. Daghang salamat, you guys saved my butt out there. Sana balang araw makabawi ako. Kudos!

For more pics, check out Thanks Lillian and TJ for posting your pics!

It’ll definitely difficult to top this summer, as I never thought I would be given the chance to literally explore Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. But hey, who knows? Do i hear a Sagada, Bohol and Camiguin? Woohoo!


Winning Quotes:
[habang malakas ang ulan ngunit umaaraw]
“Buti pa ang tikbalang, kinakasal; ako single pa rin!”

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feeling light

it’s funny how the sky cleared up looking up from the window in my nook. it was just as i cleared my today-turned-to-do-turned-pending list to just 2 remaining tasks. *sigh* what a relief to reconnect finally with sanity. *pwera usog*

spent valentine’s with bugsy yesterday. yes, love in all its forms is the ultimate refresher.

also had the chance to bond with SWAT last weekend at Vic’s in tagaytay, doing what we all ultimately wanted to do — bum around together. movie marathon + chow + videoke + drinks = happy bum fest. =)

jan, mike and i met up with kian and denise to climb mt. talamitam in nasugbu the next day. what can i say? chow + reststop + photo ops = happy sorta bum fest part 2. :o)

Ish: Tayo ba ang nawawala, o yung trail?
Kian: Hindi tayo nawawala, yung trail yung nawawala!


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