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Getting the Batad High: The Video

One day, I’m bound to wake up on the wrong side of the bed and look at life with utter exhaustion and hate.

And then I will watch this video, and everything in the world will seem to be right again.

For more stories, pics and tips about the glorious, idyllic nook that is Batad, you can read about them in my post over here.

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Life’s a Beach in Sydney

It was our Day 8 in Australia, and I was getting a bit frustrated as I haven’t been able to take a dip yet after seeing miles and miles of gorgeous coastlines.

Okay, let's take a vote --- Aussie dads: cool or hot?

Well, I certainly was in for a treat in Sydney’s Northern Suburbs. On a weekend, the dress code seemed to be singlets, bikinis and board shorts. We haven’t even lingered for an hour yet, and I had my nth sighting of someone crossing the road, lugging along his surfboard. All these just a brief bus ride away from alighting the tube. How could I not fall in love with this lifestyle? Continue reading “Life’s a Beach in Sydney”