Ground Zero

I knew the day would come when I had to make THE decision. In my gut, I knew I had the interview in the bag. I just never anticipated that I would have to make the choice within just a day.

HP has been my home — literally and figuratively — for the past ~3 years and beyond its walls, I knew not of what monsters and angels there were out there in the “real” world. Am I that reckless?

More than once, that day we went cliff-diving at Tali comes to mind. Tayo. Talon. (Stand. Jump.)

And here I am, a few hours later, pondering on what I’ll say to my team. It’s funny how perfectly articulate we seem to be when we daydream about how dramatic but perfectly eloquent we’ll be on the day we resign. But what I found was once I was there, I was gasping for words like air. There was no day I could do anything work-related that day until I got it off my chest.

The first to know were my soul-sisters, Jan & Rhea; they tolerated my whining and second-guessing while I was still deliberating my decision. Then I told Aaron, my manager, then Ralph, to whom I was entrusting almost every ‘legacy’, if you will; both went easier than I thought. Then I told Mara, who took me by surprise when she burst out in tears. Then Alex. Then the news eventually cascaded to everyone, almost on its own.

So it’s official — chapter 1 is over, and this crazy kiddo is headed to Singapore in less than a month. I’ll be leaving Easter Sunday (new life!) in hopes of a new, better me. To say the decision was hasty is a grave understatement, but crazy as it may seem, it just felt like it was time to rock the boat. And also, as a slight sub-reason, I can’t refute that distance would be a gift right now, as there are some things I’d rather not witness.

To the new me. Cheers!

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