Cheerio! The England Clips

The place was so British, I wouldn’t have been surprised if the mice wore monocles. – Bob Hope Pub walks. Free museums. The Stonehenge. Music that’s undeniably genius. Haven of the world’s literary giants. Say what you want about England, but without a doubt, it will remain to be one of the world’s top destinations. I have the makings of a tree-hugging hippie girl in … Continue reading Cheerio! The England Clips

The Blitz aka The London Pass Challenge

At Tate Modern

Shuffling from the romantic vibe of Scotland onto the hustle and bustle of London stressed me out at first. I wanted nothing more than to run back to Edinburgh’s inviting calm and tell them I was only kidding when I packed my bags to leave. But sigh, there was shopping to be done and tourist traps to be seen, so off I went! Continue reading “The Blitz aka The London Pass Challenge”

Kaladkarin’s UK Adventure – Portobello, Priscilla & Piccadilly

I heard that the Portobello Market at Notting Hill was a mecca for quirky shoppers, so I set off even if the clouds were taunting. Served me right — I got my first dose of the infamous London moody weather. Close friends will know that I’m averse to actually having to open an umbrella; I would rather grin and bear it. On that day, however, I was never so happy that I had an umbrella handy.

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Kaladkarin’s UK Adventure – Touchdown London

This was not the way I pictured my adventure would start.

Imagine me there, all smiles as I walked into the arrival hall of Heathrow Airport, armed with the most luggage I’ve ever had to carry in my entire 26 years — then I realize the hotel cab was nowhere to be found. No signboards with my name, not even a signboard of the hotel. Que horror.

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