The Donsol Experience: Swimming with the Whale Sharks

The anticipation is messing with your head. You could have sworn your heart was right next to your ear, as you hear the thumps bang against your eardrums. You glance at your designated spotter squinting at a distance, before swapping Bicolano with the other boatmen. You nervously fidget with your snorkel mask. Wait, did he just say… ‘Jump!’? And you jump, right into the chilly … Continue reading The Donsol Experience: Swimming with the Whale Sharks

It’s Kitanglad, dawg!

2011-02 Mt. Kitanglad, Bukidnon Of course, every great trip deserves a tribute video. =) To say that Mt. Kitanglad was a sight to behold is a glaring understatement. It was definitely one of the best climbs I’ve been on –> fun trail + awesome view = winner! If there was any doubt if climbing is still my first great love, then this trip just about … Continue reading It’s Kitanglad, dawg!

Kaladkarin Rolls Away Laughing in Boracay

I remember always wanting to go to New Zealand to try out the zorb, but the good thing was I didn’t have to go all the way to NZ anymore! A lot has changed since I last went to Boracay — now they’re offering zorb rides as well. Call it a cliche, but Boracay is really THE island paradise — nothing but fun, smiles, good … Continue reading Kaladkarin Rolls Away Laughing in Boracay

Kaladkarin Goes For a Spin in Pagudpud

13 June 2010,  Bangui Windmills, Ilocos With Ate Ting, Ikay, Ralph & Alex This trip’s moral lesson: The quickest way to have a embarassing-stories-about-you marathon is to get your friends and your sister & niece together. Spell L-A-G-L-A-G. Casualty Assessment: Bus to Pagudpud/Laoag – Php 700 (1-way) 1 bedroom at Punta Azul (for max 3 persons) – Php 3,500 Van tour of Pagudpud ( Cape … Continue reading Kaladkarin Goes For a Spin in Pagudpud

Kaladkarin Gets Charmed by Bicol

The best thing about this picture? Not the sun. Not the beach. It's sharing the shot with friends as awesome as these guys.

There was no way I was leaving the land of glorious beaches without one last trip. Since Jan already had a trip set with her high-school++ friends, Alex, Ralph & I invited ourselves to Jan’s hometown for the Holy Week break (hehe =P).

8 hours on the bus + 1.5 hours on the back of a pickup + 2 hours on a boat = sore butts. By noon, we find ourselves arriving at Caramoan, with a welcome lunch waiting for us prepared by Caramoan’s parish priest. After several bouts of conversation about boat trips, islands, sharks and malunggay, we proceeded to a house in a barrio by the seaside to settle. It was nice to be reminded of the trips I had before HP happened — where electricity and a shower were luxuries, but nothing could beat the sights and calm. Roselyn, Jan’s HS buddy, was an awesome cook and led the troops in the kitchen. After dinner, we literally laid down on the road right outside the house, chatting the night away under the stars with beers at hand. This is the life. Continue reading “Kaladkarin Gets Charmed by Bicol”

Bugsy chills @ tagaytay

Another long weekend well-spent. =) After watching Live Aids just the night before, we whisked ourselves away to Tidoy’s pad in Tagaytay to bum together (couldn’t imagine a better way to spend the time =P). For girls with no plans, we certainly got to do a lot together: .: crashing 2 weddings @ Sonya’s Garden (even bumped into Joy!) .: braving the cold with only … Continue reading Bugsy chills @ tagaytay

Kaladkarin Gets Wowed by Palawan

Getaways during long weekends have almost become mandatory, but hey, after what we put ourselves through at work, we deserve it. Obviously everyone had the same idea for the ‘Araw ng Kagitingan’ weekend. At 7 am, the airport was jampacked; we even bumped into our boss! Several hours later, we landed at the island of Palawan and the getaway commenced. There’s certainly a lot of … Continue reading Kaladkarin Gets Wowed by Palawan